Frontierville Spring Cleaning Mission

By | March 3, 2012

Another pioneer trail timed quest : frontierville spring cleaning mission ! The story is where hank and fanny have friends who love to give! Thing is, they’ve sent so much baby stuff the house overflowing, and pregnant fanny is worried sick about the messy home.
Let’s scrub and help hank sort this situation out !

goal : spring cleanin’

Hank wants to surprise fanny by getting a start on the spring cleaning so she can ick her feet up in their new house ! Let’s get the clutter and dust out, and the fresh of spring in !

quest requirements :
– craft 5 cherry wood brooms
– collect 20 charity crate
– collect 20 rosemary sprigs
rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins + rosemarv

tips :
ask your friends for charity crates and rosemary sprigs
charity crate request link

crafting tips :
8 cherrywood + 10 hay bristles = cherrywood broom

how to get :
cherry wood – find from tending cherry trees
hay bristles – drop from harvest wheat