Frontierville Spring Ferret

By | April 8, 2011

Frontierville Spring Ferret is a new critter that you can find on your homestead and you can choose to help it or abandon this animal

spring ferret in frontierville

how to get spring ferret in frontierville ?
Spring Ferrets are found hiding in their burrows during the spring time! you can try to clear debris to find this shy animal, and when you get 1 you will see this pop up :

Shy Ferret
You found a shy little Spring Ferret in a burrow! She’ll come out if you or a friend give her some Juicy Berries!
Abandon Shy Spring Ferret?
If you choose to abandon this animal, it will not receive the help it so desperately needs!

if you choose to help you must give this critter frontierville juicy berry and when you’re done you will get this animal on homestead and share some juicy berries for your friends

xxx befriended a Spring Ferret!
xxx has the healing touch and lured a shy Spring Ferret out of her burrow! xxx has some extra Juicy Berries to share with friends!

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