Frontierville Stacks O Sugar Plums Mission

By | December 12, 2011

Buck’s reindeer are eating everything in sight in frontierville stacks o sugar plums mission !
goal : Stacks o’ Sugar Plums

he’d be mighty grateful if you could help out ! why, he’s even willin’ to give you a big present an’ some candy canes !

this pioneer trail timed quest so you’ll have 5 days to complete once you accept it 🙂

Stacks O Sugar Plums task requirements :
– Harvest 40 Sugar Plums
– Collect 20 Reindeer Troughs
– Collect 20 Reindeer Tethers link
Reward: 1 Big Present, 20 Candy Canes, 500XP

tips :
sugar plums are in the market
click ask friends to request troughs and tethers

Stacks o’ Sugar Plums!
Looks like you got enough Sugar Plums to last them Reindeer a whole year! Why don’t you share some Candy Canes with yer friends?
Offer a Candy Cane

xx is the Sweetest Plum Around!
xx just finished makin’ sure the reindeer of Holiday Hollow had enough Sugar Plums to eat, leavin’ extra Candy Canes for YOU!
Get a Candy Cane!

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