Frontierville Stained Glass Missions

By | December 14, 2012

A storm has smashed windows all over the frontier in frontierville stained glass missions ! build a glass works, design beautiful stained glass, and earn randomized rewards !

complete pioneer trail quests to unlock more glass pieces, get new styles and rewards !

walkthrough guide :

Goal I: All That Glitters Mission
– Place the Glass Works building
– Craft any 2 Blue, Orange or Red Stained Glass pieces
– Add a Stained Glass piece to a window
Reward: Blue Patterns Unlocked, Glass Sheep, Blue Glass Pieces

Goal II: Feeling Glassy Mission
– Temper a Stained Glass window
– Craft any 12 Blue Circle, Square, or Triangle Glass pieces
– Finish Phase 1 of the Glass Works
Reward: Flying Patterns Unlocked, Hummingbird, Flying Glass Pieces

Goal III: No Pane, No Gain Mission
– Temper 2 more Stained Glass windows
– Craft any 22 Dragonfly, Butterfly, or Hummingbird Stained Glass Pieces Glass pieces
– Finish Phase 2 of the Glass Works
Reward: Holiday Quilting Patches, 1000 XP, Holiday Glass Pieces

Goal IV: A Touch of Glass Mission
– Harvest 40 Gumdrops
– Temper 4 more Stined Glass windows
– Finish the Glass Works
Reward: Mystery Pattern Unlocked, Glass Cow, Mystery Glass Piece


Wrapper Quest: Let the Light in Mission
– Complete the Stained Glass Collection
– Use 8 Mystery Glass Pieces in Stained Glass Windows
– Have 15 stained glass windows in your storage
Reward: 15,000 XP, 2 Stained Glass Mystery Crates, Stained Glass Wind Chimes