FrontierVille Storage Space Missions

By | December 9, 2010

FrontierVille Storage Space Missions ! there are 3 quest for storage expansion in frontierville 🙂 and if you finish all the quests you can get total +15 storage space !

storage space missions in frontierville

these storage space quests are timed missions so you must finish it faster :
– Storage Space I
– Storage Space II
– Storage Space III

GOAL: The Final Frontier I
– Chop Neighbor Trees 50 Times
– Craft 20 Planks (Them planks will be used up to complete this mission.)
– Get 10 Logging Permits (Them logging permits will go, too.)

Hint : You can chop a neighbor’s trees five times per day; go to multiple neighbors to get all fifty chops. Craft planks in the covered wagon. Click “ask” above for logging permits.

GOAL: The Final Frontier II
– Craft 6 Sawhorses (Them sawhorses will be consumed to complete this mission.)
– Get 15 Nails (I reckon them nails will be used up too.)
– Get 15 Cardboard Boxes (And them cardboard boxes!)

Hint : Craft Sawhorses in the barn; click “ask” above to ask friends for nails and cardboard boxes.

GOAL: The Final Frontier III
– Clobber 5 Groundhog
– Clobber 10 Snakes
– Get 10 Crowbars (Them crowbars will be used up completin’ this mission.)

Hint : Tend crops to get groundhogs; clear debris for snakes. Click “ask” above to ask friends for crowbars.

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