Frontierville Summer Camp Missions

By | July 26, 2013

The wikiwah tribe has given us the west bank of horseshoe lake for camp onawa. Have fun camping, searching, and collecting on frontierville summer camp missions !
Bring up the map to choose which pioneer trail missions you’d like to tackle, finish all 3 main goals for :
– camp quest
– caves quest
– falls quest

walkthrough guide for each wrapper quests :

goal : Taming the Wilderness Mission
– Place Camp Canoe
– Complete all 3 Settin’ up Camp missions
– Collect Campground Collections 3 times
Reward: Camp Clutter, Forest Thicket, Random Boost

goal : Cave In Mission
– Complete all 3 Cave In missions
– Tend Black Bats 50 times
– Collect Cavern Cave Collections 3 times
Reward: Pet Bat, Canyon Cliff, Random Boost

goal : Seein the Falls Mission
– Complete all 3 Seein the Falls missions
– Tend Adult Ducks 150 times
– Collect Cascade Collections 3 times
Reward: Wet Trunk, Swampy Pool, Random Boost

Camp Onawa is all set up to run summer camp for the kids. Have fun camping, collecting, and search through the camp, caves, and falls.

goal : Summer Camp Sessions Mission
– Complete the 3 Main Wrappers
– Tend a Cave Bear 20 times
– Gather 12 Minnow from the fishing pond
Reward: Ability to store 25 Stuffed Bears, 25 Horseshoes, Random Boost