Frontierville Swap Meet Missions

By | May 13, 2011

Frontierville Swap Meet Missions ! 2 old goals that limited for new players only, now available for every players

these quest are easy and there are 2 mission :
1. Prairie Swap Meet!
2. Buyer Beware!

you won’t be happy with the rewards, but since these are easy.. you will finish it in no time 🙂

here are the requirements for each goal :

GOAL: Swap Meet Part 1
– Add Three Items to Your Wishlist
– Remove One Item from Your Wishlist
– Tend Five Neighbor Crops
reward : 55 XP

GOAL: Swap Meet Part 2
– Send Two Items on your friends’ Wishlists by hovering over their photos
– Chop Down Five Pine Trees on Your Homestead
– Turn In Any Collection
rewards : 25 XP and 200 coins