Frontierville Swimming Hole Missions

By | August 2, 2013

Have a fun in the sun with frontierville swimming hole missions ! join the frontier crew for a day at the lake to beat the heat and earn great rewards !
It’s sure been hot around the homestead lately ! enjoy some fun in the sun at the lae to beat the heat !

place the w.e.t. shac and gather the supplies needed for a day at the lake ! train up some new rescue animals to help keep the lake safe ! earn great rewards to make healing injured animals a breeze !

pioneer trail quest guide :

goal 1: Lake Escape Mission
– Feed 15 Adult Ducks
– Harvest 25 Cranberries
– Place the W.E.T Shack
Reward: Fully Grown Birch, 5 Reeds, 2 Big Drop Lollipops

goal 2: Swim Fan Mission
– Tend Adult Geese 30 times
– Train a Rescue Duckling 2 times
– Finish phase 1 of the swimming hole
Reward: Rescue Goat, Espresso Boost, Animal Magnetism


goal 3: The Ski’s the Limit Mission
– Chop large pine trees 24 times
– Harvest 30 Reeds
– Finish phase 2 of the swimming hole
Reward: Banyan Tree, Rescue Sheep, 3 Animal 1st Aid Crate

goal 4: Fannying the Flames Mission
– Tend Rescue Sheep or Goats 16 times
– Harvest 9 Banyan Trees
– Finish phase 3 of the swimming hole
Reward: Regal Beaver, Animal Vaccine Boost, Private Pig

injured animal field guide
ted’s been keeping track of the animals you’ve been helping in the injured animal field guide ! check which animals you have and get rewarded !
help as many injured animals as you can, try to collect all the variants !
check the field guide from the wet shack to see what you’re missing !
earn rewards like boosts, crates, and crops for training all three three variants of each animals !

goal 5: Beaver Believer Mission
– Tend Regal Beaver 7 times
– Harvest 60 Reeds
– Finish phase 4 of the swimming hole
Reward: Loch Wikiwah Monster, 2 Animal Vaccines, 5 Animal 1st aid kit crates 2