Frontierville Tedward Scissorhands Mission

By | February 14, 2013

Trimming topiaries ! Ted is hard at work trying to impress bess’ mom anabell. Help him in frontierville tedward scissorhands to turn some gnarly bushes into beautiful works of topiary art.

The proposal
Ted reveals to bess that it was he who asked annabell to come for a surprise visit. He wanted annabell’s approval so he could take things with bess to the next level and ask her hand in marriage.

That botanical garden is very nice. You know, another thing my mother loves is topiaries. If you could make her a couple it would be amazing.

goal : pioneer trail tedward scissorhands quest
– shear 2 heart topiaries
– shear 3 kitten topiaries
– shear 3 cupid topiaries
reward : 1 peppermint earthquake, 1 crazier cake, 10 horseshoes

tips : topiaries crafted from shrubbery in market

overgrown shrubbery
this gnarly shrub is just waiting to be carved up ! you can tame this flora into all sorts of shapes and decorate your homestead with them !
to shape it you will need 8 topiary shears, post a request :

need topiary shears !
yer gonna need more topiary shears to trim the bushes.
ask for shears