Frontierville Telegraph Station Missions Links

By | March 27, 2012

Fully upgrade your frontierville telegraph station for both missions : homestead and prospect falls and collect daily bonuses from them to earn mega rewards !

and also you can get telegram collection items ! complete it for 1 telegraph pole 🙂

here are the list of parts you need to collect for your pioneer trail telegraph stations :
ask friends
telegraph key, electric circuit, sturdy desk, morse code sheet, cable tape, relay switch

telegraph stations material links :
sturdy-desk morse-code-sheet relay-switch
sturdy desk link – morse code sheet link – relay switch link

craft items :
nickle wire = 5 nickel ore + 4 insulating rubber
pine post = 5 pine plank + 4 metal stud

copper wire = 5 copper ore + 4 insulating rubber
redwood post = 4 metal stud + 5 redwood plank

tips how to get :
nickel ore drops from rocks
pine plank drops from pine
copper ore drops from rocks
redwood plank drops from trees
metal stud link

telegraph homestead missions
mining story link

telegraph prospect falls missions
letter from home link

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