Frontierville Tend Ten Pansies

By | March 3, 2011

Frontierville Tend Ten Pansies is one of the requirements that you must complete for frontierville flower festival part 2

tend 10 pansies in frontierville

but how to get pansies in frontierville ?
you can get pansies inside flower shop by completing frontierville pansies quest
, one of the frontierville flower shop missions

pansy quest in frontierville

for pansies goal, you need to :
– Craft 30 Planks
– Harvest 20 Apple Trees
– Collect one bag of Fertilizer

when you finish this pansies mission you will get 1 pansy !

the other way is to get it via news feed, look for this post :
xxx is pansy at heart !
xxx has been muckin’ about in the dirt to cultivate some pansies ! xxx has some leftover pansies for friends !
click gimme pansies to get 1 pansy !

your friends can post this when they finish the pansies quest 🙂

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