Frontierville Thanks Fer Givin Mission

By | November 9, 2011

Let’s take a look on family thanksgiving 1st quest : frontierville thanks fer givin mission

i just want to explain how things works, now inside pioneer trail gravy train you can take a look reward that you can unlocked on market : prize turkey

click prepare meal to start this thanks for giving goal :
– harvest 20 corn
– harvest 20 peas
– send hank and fanny’s care package


the requirements are quite easy but, there’s a hard part for care package for each family

click pack button on the quest and you will see this pop up :
you’ll need these items for meal :
1 corn chowder
1 cajun peas
7 gravy boat
6 dinner plates

to craft the items you’ll need to look for ingredients, look the hint on frontierville gravy train 🙂 most of them you can ask for more from friends

it’s all the same with the rest of the missions, if you want to look for other requirements please see it on frontierville families in need

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