Frontierville The 3F Garden Missions

By | October 5, 2011

Master Crops to get a brand new Super Crop! Its time to expand your 3F Mastery Club and set-up an extension to start cultivating and mastering crops. Get your green thumbs ready and be the first for crop mastery!
first build and finish the frontierville the 3f mastery garden missions

collect these materials to finish your pioneer trail3f mastery garden :
– farmin hoe
– garden trowel
– crop scythe
– fertilizer sack link
– plant pot link
– fence post link

here are the requirements and rewards for 4 new 3f garden quest :
GOAL: The 3F Garden I of IV
A Growing Interest Mission
– Harvest Fifteen Corn
– Harvest Twenty Pink Roses
– Collect 10 Composters
Reward: 500XP, 500 Coins, 10 Super Clover Seeds

GOAL: The 3F Garden II of IV
Get Yer Garden Going Mission
– Collect One 3F Garden Daily Bonus
– Harvest any five Super Crops
– Clear 8 Rocks
Reward: Orchid Unlocked, 700 XP, 700 Coins

GOAL: The 3F Garden III of IV
Romance Blossoms Mission
– Complete the Clover 3F Mission
– Collect three Orchid Arrangements
– Harvest 25 Melons
Reward: Straw Hat, 900XP, 900 Coins

GOAL: The 3F Garden IV of IV
Make Yer Granny Proud Mission
– Complete the Grape 3F Mission
– Master Eggplants to level 1
– Tend 50 Neighbor Crops
Reward: Gardening Overalls, 900XP, 900 Coins

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