Frontierville The Adventurin Botanist Goal

By | August 1, 2011

Get avocado tree by helping eudora in timed quest : frontierville the adventurin botanist ! Here comes Dr. Eudora Jones, adventurin’ botanist, crackin’ her whip and towin’ her mobile laboratory! She’s headin’ to the Pioneer Trail and could use some assistance.

GOAL: The Adventuring Botanist

Help Dr. Eudora Jones because she needs an assistant for passing through to pioneer trail, the requirements are :
– Clear 10 wildflowers on a neighbor’s homestead
– Collect 20 Tree Guidebooks – link
– Collect 15 Botany Trowels


Visit friends and use your tends on Wildflowers. Click on “Ask Friends” to send Tree Guidebook and Botany Trowel requests to friends.

rewards :
– 400 XP
– 400 coins
– avocado tree
harvest in 8 hours and get 300 coins + 25 XP when you harvest, there’s avocado tree collection items you can get too 🙂

part 6 : The Horse Tamer’s Calling

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