Frontierville The Baker’s Rebound Goal

By | August 1, 2011

Help Nettie in timed mission : frontierville the baker’s rebound and you will unlock vanilla crop as reward! It suddenly smells like sugar cookies ’round here! Must mean that Nettie’s passin’ through, transplantin’ her bakery across the Pioneer Trail! Wanna help ‘er out?

GOAL: The Baker’s Rebound

nettie is one of frontierville character that heading to pioneer trail, and you need to help with her new pumpkin bread recipe for a new reputation in pioneer trail

requirements for this quest are :
– Harvest 30 pumpkins
– Collect 20 Brown Sugar Bags – link
– Collect 15 Cinnamon Sticks


ask friends for brown sugar bag and cinnamon stick, rewards :
– vanilla orchid unlocked
– 300 XP
– 300 coins

vanilla orchid 12 hours crop
when you harvest you can get 600 coins, 5 food and 10 XP also vanilla collection items !

part 5 : The Adventuring Botanist

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