Frontierville The Case of the Bungling Botanist Missions

By | May 8, 2012

Help doc in frontierville the case of the fabulous footwear missions to find the special growth formula !

GOAL: The Case of the Bungling Botanist, Part I of III

the final reward for this pioneer trail town mysteries : doc’s growth formula

Thank Heavens I’ve found you! Something very important is missing from my work bench! You’ve just gotta help me find it!

quest requirements :

goal 1 : The Mysterious Formula Mission
Investigate 2 Torn Fabric
Collect 25 Suspicious Fingerprints (harvest apricot trees)
Collect 10 Horticulture Notes from friends
Reward: 500 XP, 700 Coins, Green Lightning

tips :
glass lens = 5 buffing cloth + 3 circular glass
hand lens = 3 glass lens + 6 maplewood handle
Harvest cotton to get buffing cloth
circular-glass horticulture-notes
circular glass link – horticulture notes link

goal 2 : A Secret Ingredient Formula Mission
Investigate 2 Footprints
Collect 10 Secret Recipes
Collect 25 Broken Plant Stems (harvest Vanilla Orchids)
Reward: 600 XP, 800 Coins, Loyal Pioneer

goal 3 : The Real Scoop Formula Mission
Turn in 2 Bungling Botanist Collection (Harvest Broccoli to get these items)
Investigate 3 Horse Tracks
Investigate 2 Torn Fabrics
Reward: 700 XP, 900 Coins, Quick Draw Quaff

tips :
bungling botanist collection items :
– glass beaker
– plant extract
– dropper
– first aid kit
– botany guide

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