Frontierville The Case of the Hidden Hideout Missions

By | May 8, 2012

Help Mae in frontierville the case of the hidden hideout missions to discover the location of Gratchett Gang !

GOAL: The Case of the Hidden Hideout, Part I of III

the final reward for this pioneer trail town mysteries : lasso post

The Gratchett Gang was seen hiding out in a nearby Fig Tree orchard. We need to investigate!

quest requirements :
goal 1: Over the River & Though the Woods Mission
Investigate 5 Horse Tracks
Collect 35 Half Eaten Figs (harvest fig trees)
Collect 10 Bandit Masks
Reward: 800 XP, 1000 Coins, Red Panda

tips :
bandit mask link

goal 2: Oxen Box-In Mission
Collect 30 Cattle Branders (Tend Adult Ox)
Harvest 30 Ale Vera
Craft 5 Compasses
Reward: 900 XP, 1250 Coins, 2 Triple Mastery 12 Hour boosts

tips :
compass = 5 compass needle + 4 brass plate
Pine trees drop compass needles

goal 3: Corny Caper Mission
Turn in 3 Hidden Hideout Collections (Harvest corn to get these items)
Investigate 4 Footprints
Investigate 3 Torn Fabrics
Reward: 1000 XP, 1500 Coins, Raging Buffalo

tips :
hidden hideout collection
– spare holster
– polkadot bandana
– villainous plan
– hidden stsh
– hideout map
collectible trade in reward : building boost