Frontierville The Delivery Missions

By | April 6, 2012

Fanny’s ready to deliver baby in frontierville the delivery missions ! deliver that baby and get brand new crops & critters !

GOAL: The Delivery! I of V

you can see the new Maternity Center on left side of your homestead, there are some stage to progress with, either by crafting or ask friends

first let’s take a look on the quest requirements :

goal I : Reviving Hank Mission
– Click on the Maternity Center and then “Deliver Baby”
– Ask for 15 Smelling Salts
– Chop down 5 Fully grown Trees (any type of tree as long as they are full grown)
Reward: 300 XP, 2 Pigs in Blankets, Hank’s Help (needed for maternity center)
Floor Straw drops from adult ox

goal II : Granny’s Blue Blanket Mission
– Ask for 15 Knitting Needles
– Collect 30 Wool Yarn (drops from Adult Sheep)
– Finish helping Doc get ready for the delivery
Reward: 400 XP, 3 Pink Beets, Blue Blanket (needed for maternity center)

goal III : Granny’s Pink Blanket Mission
– Collect 30 Cotton Yarn (Harvest Cotton)
– Harvest 25 Pink Beets (found on Free Gift Page)
– Delivery that baby!
Reward: 500 XP, 3 Chamomile, Pink Blanket (needed for maternity center)

goal IV : Fanny’s Sanity Mission
– Ask for 20 Blue Pacifiers
– Harvest 40 Chamomile (found on Free Gift Page)
– Delivery another baby!
Reward: 600 XP, Persian Cat, Diaper Bag (needed for maternity center)

goal v : Baby Food Stockpiling Mission
– Collect 30 Mashed Carrots (drops from Carrots & Baby Carrots)
– Collect 30 Mashed Beets (drop from Pink Beets)
– Finish bringing the new family home!
Reward: 600 XP, Pug Dog, 1000 Coins

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