Frontierville The Dogless Shepherd Goal

By | August 1, 2011

Help shirley in timed quest : frontierville the dogless shepherd ! Shirley the shepherd’s movin’ her flock west along the Pioneer Trail, but a worried look on ‘er face tells you she’s in trouble!
Help Shirley!

GOAL: The Dogless Shepherd

you need to look for Kirby the sheepdog by collecting some dog items
so requirements for this timed mission are :
– Clear 30 grass on a neighbor’s homestead
– Collect 10 Doggie Toys – link
– Collect 10 Doggie Treats


for doggie toy and doggie treat you must ask your friends, rewards for this mission are :
– 400 XP
– 10 chunky chow
– 300 coins

next part 3 : The Forlorn Farmer