Frontierville The Greenhouse Missions

By | September 25, 2011

Finishing the Frontierville The Greenhouse Missions allows you to complete the quests which unlock grapes, watermelon and carrots.

Once the Pioneer Trail Greenhouse is completed, you’ll have gads more room for crops, without any fear of groundhogs!

there are 4 quest, with goal titles :
part 1 : Time to Flex That Green Thumb
part 2 : Record-breaking Crops
part 3 : It’s Carrotastic
part 4 : A Grape Escape

requirements and rewards :

GOAL: The Greenhouse I of IV
Place the Greenhouse
Harvest 50 Clover
Clear 15 Debris on Neighbors’ Homesteads
rewards : 250 XP + 250 coins + hanging plant

GOAL: The Greenhouse II of IV
Collect the Daily Bonus from the Greenhouse
Have or collect 50 Poultry Puddin’
Collect ten bottles of Buttermilk (ask)
rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins + carrot unlocked

GOAL: The Greenhouse III of IV
Harvest 40 Carrots in your Greenhouse or on your Homestead
Harvest 15 Crops on Neighbors’ Homestead or in their Greenhouse
Collect 15 Fish Heads – link (These’ll used to complete the mission)
rewards : 1000 XP + 1000 coins + grapes unlocked

GOAL: The Greenhouse IV of IV
Harvest 40 Grapes in your Greenhouse or on your Homestead
Tend 30 Adult Cows
Collect ten rays of Country Sunshine (ask)
rewards : 1000 XP + 1000 coins + watermelon unlocked

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