Frontierville The Kissing Tree Mission

By | February 12, 2011

Frontierville The Kissing Tree Mission ! there are 4 missions series released today, and here’s the first one with kissing tree – new ‘building’ on frontierville for a couple

goal : the kissing tree frontierville

there are 3 kissing tree missions in frontierville:
1. Let the Good Vibes Grow
2. A Swing and a Kiss
3. In the Mooood

GOAL: The Kissing Tree, Part I of III
– place the kissing tree
– clear 2 thorns
– unwither 10 neighbor Crops

GOAL: The Kissing Tree, Part II of III
– feed 20 sheep
– Have or get 1 pillow
– collect 10 breath mints from friEnds

GOAL: The Kissing Tree, Part III of III
– harvest 30 red roses
– mooooove 20 cows
– select A couple To Begin a romance

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  • MaryEv

    I hate that we have to try and rope in 2 friends to play frontierville to finish the quest. Either that or pay horseshoes, doesn’t seem fair. If they wanted to play, I’m sure they would be here. 🙁

  • Teresa

    I notice that no one has bothered to mention the fact that Zygna ‘expects’ us to spend horseshoes or spam our friends that don’t play Frontierville to even finish building the kissing tree. I sent invites out to all my gaming friends when I first started playing the game. Those that want to play are already my neighbors, those that don’t, I’m not spamming them with invites. Guess this is one quest line I won’t be completing.

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  • joanna

    y dont u go to any frontierville fun page and invite to new ppl to be ur friends, they accept then send the request to send u chocolates and then invite them to be ur neighbours…….. easy

  • Ans

    I hate the chocolate request!!!

  • Borivoje

    I completely agree with the above comment. I made a huge mistake and actually spammed my friends (what was I thinking 🙁
    If none of them accepts the invitation, which is very likely, I’ll do the right thing, sell this beautiful tree and ignore this mission.
    It’s really sad how I allowed myself to get manipulated into becoming a spammer for the first time ever:(((

  • jen

    make 2 fake accounts, its what i did!

  • anatmota

    You don’t have to ask friends that don’t play. Just add a fv player, ask for the chocs and then add as a neighbour

  • Gina

    Most of my requests that I sent out to “NON-frontierville” players for the boxes of chocolates did not even work. I sent them to family members and friends who do not play, then begged them to click on it for me. The first 5 people who tried to help me out got an error message…. and I got no chocolates. I think it’s a scam to get people to buy horseshoes.. and it STINKS!

  • Kathy P

    I probably won’t be doing this quest either! I tried several times but no one will respond. I don’t reply when I get these requests either. I hate doing Zynga’a job.

  • Frontierville player

    its just a game, stop getting so upset over missions gifts etc. If you cant relax and play then maybe you should go do something else.

  • linda p

    where do i aquire old book on hankand fanny