Frontierville The Littlest Prospector Mission

By | February 15, 2012

With all the Gold Rush chatter fillin’ the air in frontierville the littlest prospector mission Little Crow took to diggin’ in the pioneer trail ground here and there. Lo an’ behold, she stumbled on a chunk a gold! Or did she? Maybe you should take a closer look.
GOAL:The Littlest Prospector

If you succeed finishing this timed quest you’ll earn yourself a Golden Toy Boxcar!

Little Crow found a chunk of gold, and she’s right excited about it! But after a quick inspection, you ain’t so sure it’s the real McCoy. Do a little prospectin’ yerself and see what ya find.

quest requirements :
– Craft five Handpicks
– Collect 20 Mysterious Nuggets (Clear rocks for a chance to find Mysterious Nuggets)
– Collect 15 Gold Inspections

rewards : 700 XP + 400 coins + golden toy boxcar
tips : Craft handpicks in the Blacksmith. Ask friends for Gold Inspections.
gold inspection link

crafting guide :
4 cherrywood handle + 2 handpick edge = handpick
A budding prospector needs the right tools for the job…
Collect the sharpest Handpick Edges from your friends.
The Cherrywood Handle has a chance to drop from harvesting Cherry Trees, while the Littlest Prospector quest is active.