Frontierville The Lost Crate Missions Links

By | August 7, 2012

Learn about gramps life with granny by completing frontierville the lost crate missions and opening the package !

GOAL: The Lost Crate, Part I of IV
find out about the mysterious gramps lost crate sent from your grandfather twenty years ago !

pioneer trail quest walkthrough :

goal I : Quite a Package Mission
Place Gramps’ Lost Crate
Tend 25 Adult Goats
Harvest 30 Cherry Trees
Reward: 400 XP, 600 Coins, 2 Lychee Trees

goal II : Crate Expectations Mission
Tend 40 Adult Sheep
Collect 10 Prybars by clearing Rocks
Open Gramps’ Lost Crate (phase 1)
Reward: 600 XP, Unlock Red Onion Crop, Trunk Tags (needed for Crate)

gramps lost crate material links :
rubbish-bin lockpicks how-the-tumbler-turns sharp-blades
rubbish bin link – lockpicks link – how the tumbler turns link – sharp blades link

metal-handle acoustic-cup waxed-tube willow-handle
metal handle link – acoustic cup link – waxed tube link – willow handle link

goal III : Chest Laid Plans Mission
Harvest 50 Red Onions
Craft 8 Gramps’ Scrapbooks
Open Steamer Trunk (phase 2)
Reward: 1000 XP, 2 Fruit Ready Boosts, Granny’s Locket (needed for Crate)

crafting guide :
4 love letters + 4 old tickets = gramps scrapbook
old tickets link

goal IV : Locks of Love Mission
Crack open Gramps’ Safe (phase 3)
Gather 30 Lychee Extract from ripe Lychee Trees
Craft 8 Lumber Tree Serums, only can be done after phase 3 is complete
Reward: Fully grown White Oak tree, Fully grown Willow, Fully grown Pole Pine

crafting tips :
4 amaranth herb + 4 golden apple mash = 3 amaranth extract
2 amaranth extract + 4 lychee pit = lumber tree serum
golden apple mash link

  • karel kinder

    I’ve lost my ” lost chest” to make my tree serum. Can you tell me how to find it. I can’t even remember what it looks like either.