Frontierville The Newlywed Newbies Goal

By | July 30, 2011

Help the new pioneer trail couple in frontierville the newlywed newbies ! Kit & Connie are passin’ through on their way to the Pioneer Trail, but while they’re here, they could use yer help! Help ‘Em Out!

goal : the newlywed newbies

a new timed quest for pioneer trail character ? if you look on the forum there’s already a hint about this mission :
“You may also run into some new friends making their way to the Pioneer Trail (Kit & Connie). If you see ’em, be sure to help ’em out will ya? A new crop, tree and horse may just be your rewards.”

there are 6 timed missions for pioneer trail character, as reward you will unlock :
vanilla orchid crop on part 4 : the baker’s rebound mission
avocado tree on part 5 : the adventuring botanist mission
pristine horse on part 6 : the horse tamer’s calling mission


let’s start the first one 🙂

the requirements for this goal are :
– harvest 30 potatoes
– collect 10 spare harnesses – request spare harness link
– collect 10 water canteens (ask)

reward for this quest are :
– 200 coins
– 10 wedding gift
– 300 XP

next timed mission 2 pioneer trail’s character : Shirley The Dogless Shepherd

tips : use these gift request link to ask for the rest of item goals faster 😛
doggie toy link – part 2
hay bundle link – part 3
brown sugar bag link – part 4
tree guidebook link – part 5
training rope link – part 6

hope this help~

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