Frontierville The Ranch Missions

By | February 7, 2012

Free up space on your homestead by storing buildings in frontierville the ranch missions ! you can collect all your daily bonuses with just one click with this building !

GOAL: The Ranch I-III

here are the quest requirements and rewards :
Goal 1 : Bess is Thinkin Big Mission
– Place the Ranch
– Clear 12 Thorns on your Homestead
– Collect 10 Land Survey
Reward: 300XP, 300 Coins, 2 Longhorn Bulls

collect these parts to build :
7 rustic fence
7 push plow
7 harvesting basket
11 windmill blade link
11 ridin’ saddle link
11 silo release spout link

use the “view buildings” menu to add buildings to your ranch from your homestead or storage shed !
What buildings can be stored inside the Ranch in pioneer trail ?
Beehive, Thinking Tree, Potting Shed, Ice Shed, Grain Silo, Corral, Rodeo, Crop Crafting Nursery, 3F Animal Mastery, 3F Crop Mastery Nursery

Goal 2 : Heart Ranching Mission
– Add 3 Buildings to the Ranch
– Harvest 12 Green Apple Trees on your homestead (available on Free Gift page)
– Craft 5 Hay Bale Pulleys (Craft)
Reward: 600XP, 600 Coins, Ranch Daily Bonus

tips :
green apple tree gift link
6 rope fiber + 3 pulley parts = simple pulley
3 simple pulley + 5 small hay bale = hay bale pulley

small hay bale link
how to get rope fiber ? find it by harvesting flax

Goal 3 : Ready to Ranch Mission
– Complete the Ranch
– Tend 50 standard Adult Ducks on your Homestead
– Craft 60 Tomato Peppers
Reward: 1000XP, Ranch Customization, 3 Ranch Mystery Crates

crafting items :
8 longhorn fertilizer + 7 tomato vines = texas tomatoes
3 texas tomatoes + 12 chili flower = tomato pepper (x30)
chili flower link

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