Frontierville Totem Power Mission

By | April 30, 2013

The wrapper quest is here in frontierville totem power mission ! i hope you already finish the totem pole and get the spirit animals 🙂

The Spirit Totems harness strong spiritual powers, but they will not last forever. You must respect nature and keep the power stones alive.

walkthrough guide :

Pioneer Trail Totem Power Goal :
– Tend Spirit Ravens 6 times
– Tend Spirit Hawks 4 times
– Repower Spirit Totems 5 times

tips :
spirit raven and spirit hawks can drop from Lost Souls
to repower spirit totems, you can click on expiring Totems to bring up the repower option

totem guide :

– Giant Cornucopia
– 2 Animal Totem Crystals
– 50% more powerful Totems

You’ve now given your totems even greater power ! your efforts will continue to reward you !
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