Frontierville Town Hall Missions Links

By | May 1, 2012

Put your town on the map ! build and finish frontierville town hall missions so you can double the daily bonus for all your buildings !

Goal : Town Hall I of IV

Marco the map maker wants to make your pioneer trail homestead into an official frontier town ! Check marco’s town checklist for more details !

quest requirements :

goal I: On Your Marco, Get Set, Go Mission
Place the Town Square
Collect 20 Lemon Extract (harvest Lemon Trees)
Place the Town Hall
Reward: 450 XP, 2 Black Buffalo (you’ll need these later), 3 Red Clover

goal II: Work & Play Mission
Craft 1 Town Hall Poster
Harvest 12 Red Clover
Activate the Daily Bonus Double (Finish Phase 1 of the Town Hall to see this menu)
Reward: 2 White Oak Trees, Town Sign, 2 Red Eye

crafting guide :
2 paint brush + 3 poster paper = town hall poster
flier paper link

goal III: Grounds for Fun Mission
Craft 2 Park Benches
Feed 30 Adult Ox
Finish Cleaning Up (Finish Phase 2 of the Town Hall)
Reward: 1400 XP, 2 All you can eat meals, 2 Hickory tree saplings
Oakwood drop from Oak & White Oak trees

crafting guide :
10 sanded oakwood + 3 support bar = bench frame
1 bench frame + 4 town plaque = park bench

goal IV: Play it Safe Mission
Collect 20 Pot Luck Dishes
Craft 1 Daily Bonus Doubler Reset
Finish the Town Hall (Phase 3)
Reward: 2200 XP, 2 All you can eat meals, 2 Hickory tree saplings

crafting guide :
3 priority mail + 5 boost permit = daily bonus doubler reset

Pioneer Trail Town Hall Materials Links :
barrel-of-gravel bent-iron wooden-podium building-certificates
barrel of gravel link – bent iron link – wooden podium link – building certificates link

trash-bin lobby-walls carved-panels bell-pulley
trash bin link – lobby walls link – carved panels link – bell pulley link

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