Frontierville Tracking Pig

By | March 19, 2011

Frontierville Tracking Pig ! a cute detective pig is available today, it’s an animal not decoration 🙂

trackin’ pig in frontierville – This fella has the keenest nose around!

This detective pig is comin with the detective agency in frontierville. When you tend this pig, it can drop frontierville detective agency collection items

how to get trackin pig in frontierville :
you can get this animal from news feed, look for this post on facebook:
xxx is a snoop!
xxx built a Finkerton’s Detective Agency to track down some missin’ persons! xxx has an extra tracking pig for sleuthin’ friends!
click Get Pig !

this is the post when you friends finish frontierville finkerton’s detective agency missions part 1

you can also get it as reward when you finish the detective agency mission part 2 : on the case! with the requirements :
– tend 10 adult pig
– collect detective agency bonus
– collect 10 missing person posters

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