Frontierville Tragic Jack Statue

By | August 7, 2011

Since last night some players got rollbacks when playing frontierville, but now it should be fixed (for some) and as compensation you will get 2 items including the new limited decoration

frontierville tragic jack statue – you can see frontier jack standing on varmints LOL

the other item is a book of experience that will give you 1 full level up to next level, more info you can see this post from frontierville forum

Mizz Faith – frontierville super moderator :
UPDATE (8/6/11 – 9:51AM PST): This was reported last night, I’ve been merging all threads on this so we can get an accurate reading of how many were affected, what time frame it affected, etc.
Until we have an update, feel free to contact customer support so that you can be reimbursed on what you have lost during that time.

Thanks and Please be patient while we update everyone with the compensation package.
All affected accounts will be recieving a Special Gift from Jack containing a Book of Experience (to make up for any lost progress) and a very limited edition decoration item.

Support is unable to credit this package so please do not contact them regarding it, it will be awarded automatically only to affected players.

find this statue inside your inventory, also when you hover you will see “Thanks for surviving the great lockout of 2011!”

more about game resetting from Stumpgrinder – community manager :
A Note About Recent Rollbacks
Howdy everyone!

We are aware of an issue that started to occur between roughly 6PM PST Friday (8/5) and 6AM PST Saturday (8/6) where FrontierVille players experienced rollbacks (their homestead was “reset” to a prior state) typically back to when they had first started playing during this 12-hour period.

We have a listing of all the players affected by this issue and we will be issuing a compensation package on behalf of Frontier Jack (this will be awarded in-game). We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused.

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