Frontierville Trail Points

By | August 12, 2011

On the market you can see some new crops, trees, animal and decorations by achieve x total of frontierville trail points

now what is trail points ? and how to get trail points in frontierville ?
first you need must have access to the pionner trail

when you enter pioneer trail you can see the trail points bar under your experience in pioneer trail

you can work as a carpenter, doctor, or hunter on a friend’s trail crew and each time you visit a job you’ll earn a whole bunch of items including trail points !

you can visit each job up to 3 times a day, the more you visit the more rewards you earn

some items that you can unlock with trail points are :
wild rice : 12000 trail points
wild Strawberries : 24000 trail points
pecan tree : 15000 trail points
persimmon tree : 35000 trail points
baby lynx : 35000 trail points
weathered sandstone balancing rock : 19000 trail points
weathered sandstone arch : 25000 trail points

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