Frontierville Train Station Missions

By | February 1, 2012

Start frontierville train station missions now ! coz your brother, jasper is heading west for the gold rush and wants to bring you !
GOAL: Train Station I – IV

Build railroad to gold rush and progress with these quests :

Goal 1 : Dealing With The Neighbors Mission
– Unwither 10 Neighbor crops
– Clear 12 Cactus
– Complete Phase 1 of the Train Station
Reward: Jumpin Jack (used for the construction of the Railroad), 200 Coins, 250XP

Goal 2 : Staying On Track Mission
– Clear 12 Wildflowers
– Craft 5 Iron Ingots (blacksmith)
– COmplete Phase Three of the Train Station
Reward: 450XP, Station Plans, Rail Daily Bonus

Goal 3 : Laying The Groundwork Mission
– Bake Five Chocolate Chip Cookies (bake oven)
– Sell 50 Fully Grown Pomegranate Trees
– Complete Phase Four of The Train Station
Reward: 950XP, Rail Supply Crate, Station Plans (should be Ticket Roll)

Goal 4 : Grand Frontier Station Mission
– Harvest 50 Peanuts
– Sell 100 Adult Goats
– Complete Phase Five of The Train Station
Reward: 1125XP, Rail Supply Crate, Train Conclucktor

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