Frontierville Treats For The Yeti Mission

By | December 30, 2011

Have ya heard o’ the Yeti? Big feller? All furry? Well in frontierville treats for the yeti mission, it seems he wants to try some holiday treats an’ he’s willin’ to share a Big Present an’ some Candy Canes!
help yeti in this timed quest
GOAL: Treats for the Yeti!

The Yeti’s always wanted to try some holiday treats, but couldn’t find the courage to ask the folks of Holiday Hollow for a taste! Let’s get some sweets together for our furry friend!

task requirements :
– Harvest 40 Gumdrops
– Collect 20 Stale Fruitcakes
– Collect 20 Holly Berries link
rewards : big present + 20 candy canes + 500 XP

tips : Gumdrop are in the Market. Click “Ask Friends” to request Fruitcakes and Berries!

Treats for the Yeti!
Boy howdy! That Yeti sure did love all those Holiday treats! Why don’t you offer Candy Canes to yer friends!
Offer a Candy Cane!

xx is Yeti to Rock!
xx got a whole load o’ snacks together for the Yeti and wants to offer you some leftover Candy Canes!
Get a Candy Cane!

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