Frontierville Tree Trimmer Taunts Mission

By | December 16, 2011

Help Bess in pioneer trail timed quest : frontierville tree trimmer taunts mission ! Seems some lumberjacks think us folk out on the trail think we’re buncha greenhorns! Let’s show them how we do things out on the frontier! There’s a Big Present an’ some Candy Canes for ya if you help out!
GOAL: Tree Trimmer Taunts

There’s some lumberjacks out there who ain’t mindin’ their manners! They’re sayin’ that Bess ain’t up to snuff as a Tree Trimmer! Let’s prove those rude dudes wrong!

requirements :
– Collect 40 Fir Wood
– Collect 20 Vindication Axes
– Collect 20 Plaid Blouses link
rewards : big present + 20 candy canes + 500 XP

tips : Harvest Fir Trees in Holiday Hollow to get Fir Wood.

Bess done showed them Lumberjacks! They won’t go makin’ light of her again! Share some Candy Canes to celebrate!
Offer a Candy Cane!

xx’s Crazy ‘Bout Wood!
xx just showed a bunch o’ ornery lumberjacks what’s what! Have some Candy Canes and enjoy the sweet taste of victory!
Get a Candy Cane!

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