Frontierville Tunnel Of Love Missions

By | January 10, 2012

Residents of the Pioneer Trail Homestead are gettin’ ready for big dates for valentines day 2012 on Frontierville Tunnel of Love Missions ! Help 3 couples get ready for a wild ride.
these 12 goals are requirement for a romantic ride mission

when you got the quest click the swan icon
Tunnel of Love : Go to quests

Finish Tunnel of Love Missions 1-4 : Kid and Little Crow for reward : romantic band
part 1 : Committed To Love
part 2 : Spread The Love
part 3 : Raising a Little Love
part 4 : The Mystery Of Love

Finish Tunnel of Love Missions 5-8 : Thunder Moon and Bess for reward : chocolate heart
part 5 : Pickin Some Flowers
part 6 : He Cleans Up Good
part 7 : Choc’ Full o’ Love
part 8 : Save the Date

Finish Tunnel of Love Missions 9-12 : Doc and Granny for reward : pomegranate tree
part 9 : An Old Fashion Wooin’
part 10 : Oyster? I Hardly Know ‘er!
part 11 : Life Is A Happy Song
part 12 : This Is The Night…

new mission will unlocked every day
Finish Quest 4,8,12 to play animation for each couple ending movie

tips :
– finish the building with pioneer trail tunnel of love links so you can craft all quest items that will need on these quest faster !
– these missions are not repeatable
– 10 new decorations total as reward

here are the requirements and rewards :

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love I of XII
– Tend 25 Adult Non Rideable Horses
– Craft Two Wooden Heart Fences
– Harvest 45 Corn
rewards : 800XP + horse ready boost + wooden heart gate

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love II of XII
– Harvest 30 Neighbor Peas
– Clobber Six Groundhogs
– Collect 15 Good Vibes
rewards : 800XP + lovely topiary

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love III of XII
– Heal any Injured Animal
– Craft Three Puppy Pillows
– Tend 50 Baby Sheep
rewards : 3 critter milk + 800 XP

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love IV of XII
– Harvest 40 White Roses
– Sell Ten Adult Loverly Cows
– Collect the Tunnel Of Love Daily Bonus
rewards : 800 XP + 2 cookies

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love V of XII
– Clear Seven Wildflowers
– Harvest 50 Red Roses
– Craft Four Loverly Bouquets
rewards : 800XP + a loverly hedge

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love VI of XII
– Collect Two Tailor Shop Daily Bonuses
– Craft Three Loverly Cowboy Hats
– Tend 40 Adult Oxen on your Homestead
reward : 800XP + romantic cowboy hat + loverly butterflies

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love VII of XII
– Harvest 30 Chocolate Heart Bushes
– Tend 45 Adult Cows
– Harvest 20 Peppermint Trees
rewards : 800 XP + 3 cow ready boosts

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love VIII of XII
– Tend 40 Adult Goats
– Collect Three Tunnel of Love Daily Bonuses
– Collect 12 Stable Shovels
rewards : 800 XP + an oleander tree

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love IX of XII
– Collect Two Ponderosa Lodge Bonuses
– Collect 20 Family Stories
– Collect Two Saloon Daily Bonuses
rewards : 800XP + 1 granny’s gut punch

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love X of XII
– Tend 30 Pomegranate Trees
– Craft Four Oyster Dinners
– Find Five Lemon Rinds, Lemon Rinds drop from Lemon Trees.
rewards : 800XP + 2 lemon tree ready boosts + a loverly picnic

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love XI of XII
– Craft Four Wrought Iron Fences
– Harvest 60 Eggplants
– Clear 25 Debris
rewards : 800 XP + wrought iron heart gate

GOAL: Tunnel Of Love XII of XII
– Harvest 50 Pink Roses
– Consume Three Green Lightning – Craft Concoctions in the Saloon
– Collect Five Tunnel of Love Daily Bonuses.
rewards : 800XP + a molten cake

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  • Matt

    25 Adult horses? Are you kidding me? And I doubt neighbor horses work…

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  • Jo

    Am I seeing not one but two Catch-22s in these missions? Part 7 calls for harvesting chocolate heart bushes, but the bushes aren’t available until we complete Parts 5 through 8. And Part 10 needs pomegranate trees which cannot be had until we complete Parts 9 through 12. Someone tell me I’m wrong, please.

    • admin

      these items also available on free gift 🙂 so you can get it before the mission started, click the images to send the items

  • Connie

    I’m finding it’s hard to tend neighbors animals and trees when so many keep them in the barns, orchards, etc.
    I’m having a lot of trouble when i first get on FrontierVille – it tells me to refresh/report bug about 3 times before it settles down to where I can play.