Frontierville Turquoise Arrowheads

By | March 13, 2011

Frontierville Turquoise Arrowheads is the item that you need to collect for coyote missions part 3

turquoise arrowhead in frontierville

on frontierville coyote insults the rock you must Ask for 15 Turquoise Arrowheads from friends

how to get turquoise arrowheads in frontierville ?
click ask friends button to send a game request for the arrowheads to your friends

Need some Arrowheads ! See if yer friends have some spare arrowheads to go around. Protect them chickens!
Ask fer Arrowhead

Tell ’em how you protect yerself.
xxx likes usin’ protection!
xxx needs some turquoise arrowheads to help protect chickens from nasty coyotes. Be a pal and send one along? (You’ll get one too!)

Howdy Pardner! I’m tryin’ to fend off some nasty coyotes and need some turquoise arrowheads! (You’ll get one too!)

help Send Arrowhead to get 1 free arrowhead

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