Frontierville Two Year Anniversary Missions Float Links

By | June 1, 2012

Build float and finish frontierville two year anniversary missions ! It’s been 2 years on the frontier and it’s time to throw an amazing frontier parade to celebrate !

goal : two year anniversary I – IV

here are the pioneer trail floats quests :

goal I : Runnin Amok Mission
Buy 1 Huge Silver Font (fountain) in the 2 year anniversary market
Harvest 10 Sparklers (4 hour harvest)
Collect 10 Sweetsap Syrup (drops from pine tree)
Reward: Jack’s Float, 2 Party Popper Trees, Country Cider (decoration)

help some of your favorite frontier friends get their floats ready for the parade :
bess float
hank and fannys float
sheriff maes float

floats material links :
harnessed-flame strong-hinge reinforced-floorboard straw-bundle
harnessed flame link – strong hinges link – reinforced floorboard link – straw bundles link

twin-seats wood-panels-link jail-cell-bars
twin seats link – wood panels link – jail cell bars link

goal II : Rodeo on Wheels Mission
Craft 1 Frontier Firefouintain
Collect 8 Leather Feed Bags (drops from non rideable horses)
Complete Bess’ Float
Reward: Bess’ Float, 2 Party Popper Trees, Sunbeam Filly

goal III : Twins on Parade Mission
Place 2 Confetti Trees (ask your friends for them)
Collect 20 Corn Husks (harvest corn)
Complete Hank & Fanny’s Float
Reward: Hank & Fanny’s Float, Anniversary Crate, Orchard expansion 4 (gives you 250 more slots free)

goal IV : Jail Cell-ebration
Craft 3 Frontier Firefountains
Collect 12 Delicate Flowers (drops from wildflowers)
Complete Sheriff Mae’s Float
Reward: Sheriff Mae’s Float, 3 Crazier Cakes, Book of XP

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