Frontierville Visit Neighbors Problems

By | December 5, 2010

Frontierville Visit Neighbors Problems ! in some of frontierville missions requirements it needed you to visit neighbors

neighbor visits mission on frontierville

like the last frontierville christmas missions : A Winter’s Journey mission where you must visit 20 neighbors, but there’s a problem where the neighbors number is not counted in quest 🙁 i look into the frontierville forum and found this :

We are investigating an issue involving neighbor visits for the “Winter’s a Comin'” mission. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

and here’s the frontierville visit neighbors glitch solution that zynga provided :
We are aware of an issue in Frontierville where neighbor visits are not being counted correctly towards your quests. This is effecting the new “Winter’s a Comin'” quest as well as any other quest that requires to visit neighbors.

After visiting a neighbor and returning to your homestead the progress towards your quest will not show correctly. In order to have your progress updated please exit FrontierVille to your Facebook homepage, and then reenter FrontierVille. Once you are back in the game you should see your progress updated, and your neighbor visits counted towards quest completion.

If you have already visited the required number of neighbors to complete the quest, the quest will automatically be completed when you enter the game again. You may not see the pop up letting you know that you have finished the quest, but the rewards will be added to your account. Please check your inventory for any quest rewards you are missing.