Frontierville Wedding Requirements

By | July 9, 2011

Hank and Fanny gett hitched in frontierville, so you must host wedding by doing some wedding requirements

first click “host wedding” on chapel to view all the wedding to-do items and complete it to start the ceremony

this is also part of frontierville getting hitched mission and you will get the items by finishing each quest, but you can also click each hint for the tips

here are frontierville wedding requirements :
how to get :
cameo choker – “Something old”. Awarded by completing “Gettin’ Hitched I”.
blue ribbon – “Something new”. Awarded by Completing “Getting Hitched II”.
jewelry – “Something borrowed”. Collected from friends, use frontierville jewelry link to send faster
garter – “Something blue”. Awarded by completing “Gettin’ Hitched IV”.

fanny wedding requirements

how to get :
wedding bands – Go to the Wedding Wagon and click “Go Inside” to craft Wedding Bands using Eternity and Gold Nuggets.
tuxedo – Go to the Wedding Wagon and click “Go Inside” to craft the Tuxedo using Black Velvet and Thread Spool.
vows – An integral part of the ceremony! Awarded by completing “Gettin’ Hitched II”.
jacques found – As the most interesting explorer on the Frontier, he’ll be the officiant. Awarded by completing “Gettin’ Hitched V”.

hank wedding requirements

Wedding Bands are crafted using Eternity and Gold Nuggets. Click “Ask” to request Eternity or Gold Nuggets from your friends.
6 eternity + 25 gold nugget = wedding bands

you will need a lot of gold nugget, use this frontierville gold nugget link to send faster

Tuxedo is crafted using Black Velvet and Thread Spool. Click “Ask” to request Black Velvet from your friends. Thread Spool is a Cotton collection item.
5 black velvet + 1 thread spool = tuxedo

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