Frontierville Welcome Back Missions

By | March 19, 2011

Frontierville Welcome Back Missions ! i think you won’t see this quest if you’re not playing frontierville for a while

welcome back goals in frontierville

i think these quest are only for the lost homesteaders that got back from accepting request from frontierville players through detective agency

there are 3 parts with 2 different requirements : for low level player and high level player, and please note that this quest will reward you 8 HS, care packages and boosts

here are the list for frontierville welcome back quests :

for Low level Player
GOAL: Welcome Back, Part I of III
– Plant 5 Tomatoes
– Feed 2 Sheep On Your Homestead
– Visit 1 Neighbor

GOAL: Welcome Back, Part II of III
– Open 1 Care Package
– sell 2 Sheep
– Harvest Any 5 Crops

GOAL: Welcome Back, Part III of III
– Open 1 Care Package
– Collect 2 Daily Bonuses from the Wagon
– Kill 1 varmint

for High Level Player
frontierville welcome back
– Plant 20 Potatoes
– Feed 5 Cows On Your Homestead
– Have 5 Cloth

frontierville it’s like you never left
– Open 1 Care Package
– Sell 5 Cows
– Kill 5 Varmints

frontierville call of the wild
– Collect 2 Daily Bonuses from the Cabin
– Clear 10 Debris On Your Homestead
– Chop Down 2 trees On Your Homestead

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