Frontierville Who’s Best for Bess Missions

By | June 15, 2012

Do frontierville who’s best for bess missions to collect cowgirl hearts ! you’ll need these for the pioneer trail romancing bess missions !

GOAL: Who’s Best for Bess I of VIII

click on the barn to view the pioneer trail bess missions : who is best for bess ?
complete goal I-IV to get romantic loveseat
finish goal V-VIII to get animal zoo

here are the quest requirements + item links :

goal I : The Moon is Shining Mission
Collect 20 Cold Milk (drops from Adult Cows)
Collect 10 Large Haybales
Sell 15 Adult Cows
Reward: 100 XP, 300 Coins, 1 Cowgirl Heart

goal II : Love Like Thunder Mission
Harvest 15 Horseradish (free gift page)
Collect 10 Agates (from clearing rocks)
Collect 15 Beaded Necklaces
Reward: 200 XP, 400 Coins, 2 Cowgirl Hearts

beaded necklace link

goal III : What a Doll Mission
Collect 40 Fancy Blouses (Harvest Cotton)
Collect 25 Cowgirl Hats (Feed Adult Cows)
Craft 5 Dress Boots
Reward: 200 XP, 400 Coins, 2 Cowgirl Hearts

crafting guide :
6 pink leather dye + 3 leather patch = dress boots

goal IV : Impressin Bess Mission
Make 5 Meat Pies
Collect 25 Perfect Lilacs (Harvest lilacs from free gift page)
Collect 10 Perfect Peaches (Harvest peach trees)
Reward: 400 XP, 2 Cream Cows, 4 Cowgirl Hearts

crafting tips :
4 perfect pea + 3 grilled steak = meat pie

goal V : Making Time for Love Mission
Collect 30 Chicken Feed (Harvest Corn)
Collect 35 Ox Chow (Harvest Wheat)
Collect 20 Horse Chow
Reward: 600 XP, Soldier Cow, 6 Cowgirl Hearts

goal VI : New Found Love Mission
Collect 30 Pink Saddles (Tend yours & neighbors rideable horses)
Collect 30 Cowgirl Skirts (Harvest Flax)
Craft 4 Silver Heart Necklaces
Reward: 700 XP, Red Eye, 8 Cowgirl Hearts

crafting hint :
3 raw silver + 3 silver clasp = silver necklace
2 silver necklace + 4 silver heart = silver heart necklace
silver heart link

goal VII : Wining and Dining Mission
Collect 30 Long Stemmed Sunflowers (Harvest Sunflowers)
Make 5 Romantic Dinners
Harvest 25 Mtn Blueberries
Reward: 800 XP, Cowboy Cow, 12 Cowgirl Hearts

crafting guide :
5 buttery potatoes + 6 grilled chicken = delicious dinner
2 delicious dinner + 10 chocolate strawberries = romantic dinner
buttery-potatoes chocolate-strawberries
buttery potatoes link – chocolate strawberries link

goal VIII : New Horizons Mission
Collect 35 Pristine Horseshoes (Tend non-rideable horses including your neighbor’s)
Tend 30 Adult Cows on Neighbor’s homesteads
Collect 25 Romance Books
Reward: 900 XP, Crazier Cake, 10 Cowgirl Hearts

romance book link

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