Frontierville Wide-Eyed Chicken

By | May 23, 2011

Frontierville Wide-Eyed Chicken is one of the item quest you need for calamity jane quest in frontierville

you must collect 20 wide-eyed chickens for frontierville legends II : calamity jane’s shootin show

how to get wide eyed chickens in frontierville :
click ask friends button on the mission to post a request :
Need Wide-Eyed Chickens! Maybe your friends have some Wide-Eyed Chickens they won’t miss!
Ask for Wide-Eyed Chickens!

xxx is helpin’ Calamity Jane!
xxx needs Wide-Eyed Chickens (to hold apples) in Calamity Jane’s shootin’ show! You’ll get a Wide-Eyed Chicken too!

help send this item for your friends to Get Wide-Eyed Chicken for free

after you complete this quest with other requirements you can share chicken ready boost for your friends :
Calamity Jane’s shootin’ show is ON! Share some Chicken Ready Boosts with friends!
Share Boosts

Tell ’em about Calamity Jane!
xxx setup Calamity Jane’s Shootin’ Show!
xxx helped Calamity Jane shoot apples off of chicken’s beaks! Now xxx has some Chicken Ready Boosts for friends!
Gimme a Boost!

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