Frontierville Wishing Fountain Missions Links

By | June 12, 2012

Spruce up your pioneer trail homestead by building and finishing frontierville wishing fountain missions !

GOAL: Wishing Fountain I of IV

not only will it look great, but you can wish for building parts to finish incomplete buildings !

3 stages of wishing fountain :
stage 1: wishing you well
stage 2: wish-ever you want
stage 3: well well well

quest requirements :

goal I : As you Wish Mission
Place the Town Square
Craft 2 Fancy Mailboxes
Place the Wishing Foutain
Reward: 450 XP, Green Lightning, 2 Fresh Grass

crafting guide :
2 sheet iron + 3 mail slot = fancy mailbox

tips for wishing fountain parts :
Feed Pigs to get Brick Mortar
Clear Rocks to get Granite Block
Red Roses drop Rose Petals
iron bar drops occasionally from brass or steel forges

10 white topiary = 5 unruly shrub + 3 hedge trimmer
lion statue = 10 granite block + 10 chisel kit
fountain pipes = 5 iron bar + 5 pipe form
pipe works = 5 fountain pipes + 6 pipe elbows

wishing fountain material links :
iron-washers stone-detailing chisel-kit pipe-elbows
iron washers link – stone detailing link + chisel kit link – pipe elbows link

sheet-iron fresh-grass brass-forge steel-forge
sheet iron link + fresh grass link – brass forge link + steel forge link

goal II : I Wish I May Mission
Craft 2 Town Coins
Trim 10 Plots of Fresh Grass
Wish for 2 Parts
Reward: 950 XP, Fruit Ready Boost, 2 Fully Grown Pine Trees

crafting tips :
2 sheet of brass + 2 coin press = town coin
get sheet of brass drop from brass forge

goal III : I Wish I Might Mission
Harvest 10 Brass Forges (free gift page)
Craft & Place 10 Topiaries on your homestead
Finish phase 2 of the Wishing Fountain
Reward: 1400 XP, 2 Imported Tangerine Trees, 2 White Topiaries
Harvest fresh grass for unruly shrubs

5 unruly shrub + 3 hedge trimmer = 10 white topiary
find unruly shrub by harvesting grass

goal IV : A Wish Come True Mission
Collect 15 Wish Lists
Collect 30 Dandelion Seeds
Finish the Wishing Fountain
Reward: 6400 XP, A Polo Statue, Unwither Crop boost


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