Frontierville Wooden Boards Farmville

By | September 13, 2010

Frontierville Wooden Boards Farmville 🙂 you will need wooden boards as a part to build horseshoe pit in frontierville that you can get from farmville

farmville wooden boards

how to get frontierville wooden boards in farmville :
you can buy with 50 horseshoes or you can get free wooden boards with this guide

first make sure you click wooden boards link (earn for free) from frontierville to get into farmville, you should see this pop up :
Howdy xxx Harvest 200 crops and you’ll get a wooden board for your horseshoe Pit in FrontierVille !

click okay, now all you need to do is harvest 200 crops (just pick any short time crops)

once you’re done you will see wooden boards icon on the left
Congratulations! You’ve earned an item for your horseshoe pit in frontierville ! click here to claim your reward !

you will see another pop up :
You’ve earned a wooden board for your horseshoe pit ! Here’s your wooden board to help build your horseshoe pit in frontierville ! Take it to your homestead now !

you must click ‘claim’ button in order to get back to frontierville

and you will see this pop up in frontierville :
Welcome home, pardner! Your journey to the far off Zynga territories has earned you some Wooden Boards! You’re one step closer to finishin’ up that new horseshoe pit out back! Wanna check out yer progress?

you can go to the inventory and will found 1 frontierville wooden boards

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  • Ravinia

    The ICON for the boards was stuck behnd some other ICON the top square one on the left. SO frustrating, it finally showed when I sent a gift.

  • Sky

    I harvested the 200 crops… and when the icon appeared, my browser refreshed… Now the icon is gone… what can I do ?

  • Lise

    I have the same problem of sky…i tried replanting but nothing…

  • Pam

    I’ve harvested 600 crops and I can’t get the boards I don’t get th e icon this page is showing either ughhhh!

  • Christian

    Same, i have like harvesting 1000 or more crops, but still seen no wooden boards. All others went well. Still waiting on icon to appear.

  • aimee

    Ravinia…THANK YOU!! I have been trying to fugure this out for days! just did exactly what you said you did, and boom there was my wooden board icon!! TyTyTy

  • Linda

    My popup blocker was on and I lost the reward… now what??