FrontierVille Zynga Facebook

By | April 30, 2010

FrontierVille Zynga Facebook ! a new game by zynga on facebook ?
Howdy Pardner! Let’s explore a new life on the frontier. You gotta chop trees to construct buildings, clear land to raise livestock, plant crops, and raise a family. The untamed wilderness is hazardous, but your fellow pioneers are there to help.

well after treasure isle now zynga will launch another new game on facebook

here are some steps how to play frontierville by zynga on facebook :
Hit the trail
pack up and head west to the frontier !

Clear Land to Raise Livestock and Crops
feed yourserlf, family, and fellow pioneers

Survive the Untamed Wilderness !
become a homesteader ! chop trees and break ground for a new homestead. Raise your family and help build your community.


i will make frontirerville tips and tricks also frontierville guide how to play when this game released 🙂

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  • Frontierville

    FrontierVille is much better than FarmVille
    The only problem is the energy refill and the fact that to complete a building you need friends.

  • aaron belt

    i keep getting an error when i go and start to play i start to play it won load all the way!! please fix this cause i love to play this game.. i share this computer with someone else and she has no problem getting on her…thanks

  • kathy

    i’m asking for help i keep getting error on my frontville i like that game alot i’m right now up set because of the error in page and it take so long to get them page to pull up . i feel if i don’t get help to fronierville i go somewhere else to play my games .

  • Linny

    Urking as hell!!!. I cant seem to get on my game all my crops are dead and I thought maybe too much graphics so got most of my animals in the barn or other buildings and trees in orchard and sold all the unnessasary stuff off my land and still loses connection and have to refresh. I even tried to play on family laptop and desk computer the same thing. Please fix or its really not worth playing just like cafe world and farmville i quit a year ago was doing the same thing now got interested in another game and for nothing. Waste time!!!.. If this fix aint done soon me and my family will have to find games out of Zynga soon..