Genius Guess Games Level 3 Answers

By | August 5, 2013

I’m sure you will love to recall the old game memory that you’ve played when you’re a little ? try this quiz game by Scale Heights and if you need any help solving stage number 21 to 30, we have the following genius guess games level 3 answers for all the picture that you stuck on :D
Genius: Guess the Game is a puzzle game where you are given an icon and guess the game it represents. Popular games of all kinds from the 80s until present day are all covered. Are you a game genius?

genius guess games level 3 cheats :
level 3-21 : jurassic park = t-rex skeleton
level 3-22 : wolfenstein = red cross and wings shape
level 3-23 : man of steel = superman symbol logo
level 3-24 : mahjong = chinese character on block
level 3-25 : goldeneye = red and blue circle shape


level 3-26 : aladdin = yellow genie lamp
level 3-27 : clash of clans = ma with yellow mustache
level 3-28 : tmnt = raphael
level 3-29 : ddr = purple and blue arrow
level 3-30 : draw something = pencil

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