Goji Berry FarmVille

By | May 17, 2010

Goji Berry FarmVille ! look a new seed is available on farmville 🙂

farmville goji berry seed

and it’s locked 🙁

how to unlocked goji berry on farmville ?
purchase specially marked products for farmville at participating 7-eleven stores to unlock goji berry crop and earn exclusive limited edition items !

i already explained this 7-11 farmville promotion before, you can see more information in 7-Eleven Zynga Game Cards


Zynga FarmVille 7-Eleven promotion will start at 1st june and if you purchase some 7-Eleven products with zynga promotions on it, then it will give you in game items prizes. In this case farmville goji berry 🙂
well yeah this is too bad for the country that doesn’t have 7-eleven farmville promotions 🙁 you can’t get this special seed.

purchase the product and get the goji berry code – enter it on http://www.buyearnplay.com/ then you will get the goji berry unlocked on farmville

Goji Berry Crops stats
Cost : 15
Sell for 126 coins
Harvest in : 16 houts
XP : 2

does goji berry have mastery in farmville ?
hmm.. i don’t know about this one, there’s a mastery sign available.. but who knows zynga will make goji berry mastery this time 🙂


farmville goji berry mastery level :
level 1 : 80 crops
level 2 : 160 crops
level 3 : 240 crops
total harvest for goji berry mastery sign : 480 goji berry crops

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  • Chris

    No, there is no mastery sign for goji berries. I can confirm that. I already tried planting with hacks and no mastery sign… and i gotta admit they kinda suck. Purple yams are way better.


  • Martha Hubbard

    I have no 7 eleven anywhere near me.

  • Jenni

    Yes, there is a mastery sign for goji berries. I just placed it on my farm.

  • Kim

    There is a mastery sign for goji berries. This is best money making crop I have farmed yet as well.

  • wenkt

    can you buy 7-11 product with code for me? i really need the code.
    i will pay u back buy sending any item that i need to buy with FV (with Send function)

  • Jake

    If Goji Berries have no mastery then why do you have to you reach the 3rd level mastery in order to unlock the uber prize. Chris is wrong again… 🙁

  • navin

    can we get bushes and unlock that goji berry from neighbours?

  • laura

    We have no 7-11. How can we get a code to unlock the goji berries?

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  • linna

    as a goji grower and seller, I really happy to learn that so much people like goji, if any of you have questions feel free to ask me, I would be very happy to answer health qusitons on goji berry