GTA 5 Bad Textures At Night

By | September 21, 2013

Having some texture glitch when you’re playing grand theft auto v ? we’ll i’m just letting you know that you’re the only player that have that problem, many players already complain about this gta 5 bad textures at night error
unfortunately there’s no fix for this glitches for now 🙁

Having problems similar to how the officers pants look ?
At night and when the games at it darkest i get distortion or pixelization. The night sky for me looks terrible as well as the characters backs with dark clothes on and vehicles that are dark. Only at night for me though, day time is beautiful.

Well many players having the same issue on Xbox. Dark textures at night/in shadow look oilly and blueish.


Some player had a reply from rockstar, usual crap. Clear cache, did that, did not work. Don’t know what to do now, surely it’s something they can patch.
how to clear cache :
Go to system settings on Xbox, press Y on hard drive and press clear system cache. This will delete all game updates, you will need to download them again when you start up other games.


but if you have ugly texture pop glitch ugly texture problems when playing on a xbox 360 with the play disc installed, then delete the Play Disc installed to your HDD and reinstall to a Flash drive or leave it as it is.

  • JesusChristo

    LUckily, I have a ps3 and do not have to worry about the piece of shit xbox problems! XD