GTA 5 Barry Weed Stash Mission Grand Theft Auto 5

By | September 20, 2013

Many player stuck on this gta 5 weed stash mission and confused where to find the weed stashes on the green circle, so we’re here to help 🙂 for those who have gone far enough into the game, after franklin has met barry and agreed to pick his weed stashes up

Ok so berry told me to pick up some weed and when I get there it’s just a big highlighted green area anyone know what I’m supposed to do?
What the heck am I doing for the Barry “Weed Stash” mission? I have two green circles on the map. I assume there is suppose to be a stash somewhere. Am I looking for a car, a building, a hooker?

how to find green stashes on grand theft auto 5 :
“you just go in that circle and run around until he starts calling barry , u just have to find car which have stash on it.
usually it was in middle”

“The text message from him says “Here’s the deets on the mission”, but the “deets” are nowhere that I can find.”

“You’re looking for cars the boxes are stored in, when you get close Franklin will call about it.
They’re always parked in a area off the road. Look in a lot with a car in them. Even if you don’t personally see it, if you’re close enough Franklin will make a call and mark it on the HUD”

“You look around for a parked car. I’ve found one of them, its in the circle on further west parked inside the scrapyard”

“You have to search the area for a truck with the stash in it. They were pretty close to the center. When u get get close he’ll call Berry and it will show as a blue dot.”

“To find second weed stash mission try going into the middle of those circles, look for anywhere a stash vehicle would be hidden; behind a wall, parked by itself, anything suspicious. If you get close enough, most of the time it will just turn to a blue dot on your radar and that’s where the vehicle is.”

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  • illWill187

    for my fist weed pick up mission i had to go to the middle of the green circle and get in a tow truck because the stash car was broken down. after hooking up the stash car it will tell you were to tow it

  • J cray

    I found another truck in the hard wood yard the other was in the scrap yard