GTA 5 Bounty Hunting / Hunter Mission

By | September 21, 2013

Having hard time finding the gta v bail bound / bounty hunting target ? then look at the guide where to find each person for gta 5 bounty hunting / hunter mission
In this grand theft auto 5 bail bound mission you play trevor then met Maude and she sent me an e-mail with a guy, his name and his last known location

here are the list of gta v bounty hunter :

Ralph Ostrowski
Find him in the quarry, east of the map
It’s to the lower right of Maude’s house. You’ll see a spiralling road indicating that it’s a quarry.


Tips : Don’t kill him. Approach him. Let him get into his SUV and then quickly shoot out two of his tyres before he gets a chance to drive off. He’ll get out and surrender. Then it’s just a case of getting into the other SUV at the site and driving him back to Maude for a 10000 reward and a trophy for taking him alive.

Larry Tupper
This one’s is hard to find, you can find him on a barn south west
The old barn for the second bounty is in Great Chaparral- section E 3 (really between 3 and 4) on the map that came with the game, that paper thing your dog peed on.

Glenn Scoville
find the banker at top of the mount chillad, you can access the mountain by using the cabins That start in the north-west, the pursuit will require a parachute because he will jump and you might need to shoot him before he surrender


Curtis Review
To find him you will need to drive north, up up to you find a small passageway underneath the railroad tracks That lead to the camp he’s hiding out in


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