GTA 5 Bravado Gauntlet Car Locations

By | October 1, 2013

If you were wondering where to find or how to find the GTA 5 bravado gauntlet car locations on map for a certain heist in grand theft auto v then this guide will show you !
bravado gauntlets cars are needed for the gta v final main story heist, and you only needs to find 3 of these car before modifying them at Los Santos Customs.

the 4 muscle cars, we’re going with bravado gauntlets ! i moded 1 and the test worked well, so we just need 3 more. hacker pulled some images from the cctv network showing models in LS – we hired someone good, and they managed to get bring up the geotag on the image, so finding them should be easy
take the getaway vehicle to los santos customs

Any 3 gauntlets will do if these ones don’t work out, get them and take them to LS Customs for moding and drop them in the lockup

here are the location of gta v bravado cars :
caca in rockford hills, the jewelry store we knocked off is behind it
across the street from the adder (bugatti)

on top level of the parking lot on pilbox hill

and the last one :

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